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Well hot dang, it’s been quite a minute since the last time we all hung out! Did you bring your favorite snacks? You shouldn’t have. I’ve been busy volunteering at KEXP, making sure those phones are answered and visitors are greeted with a warm smile and a cup of Stumptown coffee. I’ve also started helping out at Do206, a website that will tell you all of the fantastic things to do in Seattle based on popular vote. Be on the lookout for more content from Do206 shared on my Facebook page and my Instagram, as I’ll be attending shows and writing some content on behalf of the team. You can find and follow RightTernes on Do206 for all the info you need to be cool and “with it” and “in the know” and make your iPhone calendar “on fleek” (am I cool yet?).

JK, I know I’m cool. Also cool: Do206 on Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Speaking of things to do tonight, THEESatisfaction are having an album release party for EarthEE  (Sub Pop) at Neumos. No doubt you’ve already read about Stas and Cat either here or from The Stranger, so you’re gonna be there. One more reason to check it out: hip hop’s First Lady of Moor Gang Gifted Gab and DJ Mursi Lane are opening. Gifted Gab a.k.a. Gabrielle Tical brings mellow R&B beats together in harmony with lyrics of working hard, breaking up, and being the top MC in her latest project, G-Shit, available on Bandcamp.

Let me ask you something: has your life been devoid of any Florence and the Machine lately? I was reminded of how much I love Florence when I heard “Dog Days Are Over” play over the Micheal Kors finale at New York Fashion Week. Thankfully we’re getting new Florence and the Machine June 2nd, when How Big How Blue How Beautiful comes out via Republic. Watch the dramatic video for “What Kind of Man” that begs the philosophical questions of personal vs. gathered suffering, braving the Giant Woes of Life through the big old metaphor of storms and stuff. It’s so beautifully Florence, and I’m excited for it.

Even more exciting: Nicholas Jaar’s remix of “What Kind of Man.” While the original version in its clamp-stomp anthemic cry for freedom is awesome, so is the percussive breakdown and drawing out of Florence’s vocals over an epic 12 minutes. Take a listen to the original recording and the remix below.

You guys are great, and guess what? It’s almost the weekend! You do you and then drink an Odin beer when you’re done. Cheers.

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