Music News: Coachella Lineup, Chastity Belt, & More





1. The lords of music festivals lit the torch for festival seasons with Coachella’s full lineup. Australian band that your uncle talks about all the time and beer commercial  favorites AC/DC will hold down the classic arena rock on Friday, that guy from The White Stripes on Saturday, and Rihanna’s constant love interest on Sunday. And we’re already pulling slips out of the complaint box, as Billboard notes in their #4 problem with Coachella’s  “The Woman Problem.” Even though the article is splashed with Drake accolades and a big ass picture of him, the reporter says there is once again a “troubling lack of women” and misrepresented based on their smaller-print spots on the poster. *swoons* Oh no! The big scary 32 pt. font is just too much for these fragile women in music to be noticed! *ovaries collapse in emotional fatigue* Is he suggesting the main stages at Coachella will have festival-goers so spellbound that Florence and the Machine, St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, Alabama Shakes, and FKA Twigs are just gonna be ignored? Let me suggest an end to putting “woman” and “problem” in any articles that automatically set these musicians up for some sort of failure.

2. In awesome things involving awesome bands, Hardly Art announced the signing of Seattle band Chastity Belt to the label with a new song “Time to Go Home.” The slow-building, guitar-laden song about laying around and wasting time is one of the many moods featured on their new LP out March 24th.

3. Following my overwhelming influence on the music industry, Pitchfork also released their most anticipated albums of 2015. Highlights: Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear (Feb. 10th), Chromatics Dear Tommy (Feb.), Grimes (TBA), and Jai Paul. Wait, the same guy that had an album leaked and only appears in a mist of sultry beats and unicorns but is otherwise a mystical figure in the industry? Pitchfork thinks 2015 could be the year. It could also be the year for ironic, headache inducing graphics for the website. See below.


4. Common is a judge on a reality competition show about furniture. Yehp, you read that correctly. The Chicago MC is judging some of the “top craftsmen” in a Spike TV reality competition show called Framework, which premieres tonight. Along with two dudes who know what they’re doing, Common will act as the “voice of the consumer” throughout the show. It’s very similar to how I am a judge in my mother’s kitchen in that I eat all of the food and give my opinions on it but can’t boil water to save my life. Watch the trailer below.




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