Music You Need This Week: Beck, Real Estate and HAIM


Last night during the Oscars, Matthew McConnaughey’s acceptance speech listed the things he needs every day: something to look up to, to look forward to, and to aspire to be. Now if your morning cup of coffee isn’t splashed with a little inspirational jargon, I think looking forward to something is the most critical motivator to getting through the day. This week, I’m looking forward to many a musical event, my parents visiting from North Carolina, and saving my money for new albums.

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1. Real Estate’s New Album ‘Atlas’ – now for a completely biased fangirl assessment of this album: I love this band, I have since their debut, and I will continue to sway hard to their wistful sounds. In an interview with SPIN the band insisted that they are not out to write the “soundtrack to your summer,” but who’s stopping us? Besides it’s not about the heat with Real Estate, it’s the haze of happier times, the past coinciding with the present, and mellowing out. But as a friend of mine pointed out, they have yet to write a better line than “Budweiser Sprite, do you feel alright.” Bonus: they’re playing at Neumos this Thursday. New album and a show? Perfect.


2. “Blue Moon” from Beck’s New Album ‘Morning Phase’ – being fed up with solitude is something we’ve all experienced but can’t really write into words effectively enough. It’s a simple plea for companionship, and one that’s beautifully mirrored in guitars, mandolin and melodies. I tried to buy the LP at the record store by work and they were sold out. Damn responsible people on top of their album buying game. I’ll get ’em next time.


3. The Bad Ass Dance Moves in HAIM’s video for “If I Could Change Your Mind” – have you ever sang into a hairbrush in front of the mirror? Dreamt of the perfect dance routine for your school’s talent show? Stop dreaming, HAIM nailed it. The videoverse is already full of videos steeped in vague concepts and pretentious content that you can only describe as “thematic elements.” It’s boring, but not this one. Dance moves for those of us who can’t dance! Shadowy verses! Badass HAIM logo! Everything about this video makes me happy. Someone do a HAIM cover show with me and we’ll get started on these moves.

I’ll also throw in a selfish 3.5 Sold Out Angel Olsen Show on Friday. But if you haven’t gotten your tickets for the show at Barboza, it’s already sold out so haha on you #notsohumblebrag. I hope you all find things to do this week that are extraordinary.


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