Mixtape: Wild Nothing, Minor Alps, Best Coast, and More


Hashtag every noun, verb, adverb, conjunction and exclamation that Twitter can handle (puns, lolz), because we’re getting down with the season. My poorly-circulating hands couldn’t take it anymore and I had to scrape up some cash to buy a new pair of gloves to get me through the brittle chill of 50-degree mornings. Now warm and toasty, I compiled the music that best suits a fall drive much like the one I had last week through Carnation, WA. If you have access to a car, there’s no better time of year to pack a lunch and go explore the autumnal awesomeness of fall.


“Sparks Fly Again” is dedicated to your good friend and additionally, my Grateful Dead-meets-folk-americana guilty pleasure. It’s ready to roll and a perfect compliment to a sunny day drive. Father John Misty makes a reappearance to my mix catalog with a live rendition of “I’m Writing A Novel” Live on Seattle station KCRW.

Wild Nothing, which produced one of my favorite albums of 2013, released ‘Empty Estate EP’ back in May. “Ride” begins as a shoegazing traipse that moves swiftly into 80’s synth interludes that remain warm and controlled without being too nostalgic for a sound that’s long gone. Minor Alps release their debut album on October 29th and right now you can stream ‘Get There’ on Soundcloud. The duo comprising of Juliana Hatfield and Matthew Caw of Nada Surf harmonize a delicate, dark and haunting tribute to lonerism in”Buried Plans.” Neko Case is telling you like it is: “you never held it at the right angle” on “Night Still Comes.”

Cosmic Thoughts are described as “the general ‘too cool for school’ aesthetic of Sofia Coppola films that marry harsh, cold post punk sounds with more warm, dreamy, romantic visuals.” So there’s that, but the song “No Youth” captures a cool sound that makes up for the long-winded description.Best Coast is back with their new album ‘Fade Away,’ which goes beyond the initial “he loves me/loves me not” wonderings of their previous albums. The album cover featuring fog moving through an L.A. skyline is a testament to the chill of love lost and insecurities Bethany Constentino’s lyrics in “I Wanna Know.”

To go with the mix, I’ve thrown in a couple of my favorite pictures from my explorations of Carnation and beyond.








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