Mixtape: OBN III’s, Father John Misty, and More

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Yikes, the only horror story I have to tell around the campfire is that I haven’t been writing in about a week. And we all know that October is the best month of the year. The leaves are changing, the weather is sporadic and unpredictable like a pubescent girl on speed and cable is chock full of campy horror flicks. What could be better? A mix of course!


Worriers’ new album is up for pre-order courtesy of Don Giovanni Records. The rock show, punkish instrumentals drew me to “Best Case Scenario” at first, but Lauren Denitzio’s lyrics are upfront and realistic, kind of sobering and very analytical of relationships. Following that is Potty Mouth, and to go with the name I literally have not listened to another fucking thing in the past week this shit is fanTAStic. Their debut album Hell Bent was released mid-September, which you should immediately pick up if you have any inclination towards happiness. “The Spins” could be a love letter to the kind of substance intake that gives us the song’s namesake. The chorus is dark, repeating “it’s hard to say no” over and over. Going a little more mellow is “Pink Slime” by La Luz. Great ooh/aah rock, very sexy and cool all around but this time with a Morrisey-type keyboard backing.

OBN III’s “A Good Lover” is every ounce of rock n’ roll missing from your life right now. Think dad-rock that you actually like. It’s pop-driven, kind of Van Halen-y, and earnest. They’re performing with Thee Oh Sees at The Crocodile next week (EEEEE FANGIRL SCREAM!). Changing gears completely midway is Songs:Ohia with a demo of “Farewell Transmission.” It goes far and away from the kind of energy OBN III’s gives and goes for the singer-songwriter, traveling man music. At my internship we’ve been promoting the heck out of The Head and the Heart‘s forthcoming album ‘Let’s Be Still,’ (October 15th!). To say that “Another Story” is moving would be an understatement. Inspired by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, the lyrics search for hope and stream silver linings through life’s darkest clouds. Powerful? Yes. Are you maybe gonna shed a tear? Yep.

I added “Black Sail” by Chastity Belt again because I wanted to and I’m still listening to it all the time. Deal. Following that and going back to the east coast is Polvo, a Chapel Hill-based band that released their second album, ‘Siberia’ this week. Wrapping it up is Father John Misty “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings,” a tribute to seeing him perform solo at the Moore Theater last night. I didn’t understand why a bluegrass cum folk singer would have a standup comedian as an opener, but Josh Tillman is nothing short of hilarious. Referencing his “market research,” he sang new songs framed in a life-size iPhone cutout. If you were still thinking of a good Halloween costume, that’s it.

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