Mixtape: Holiday Sanity



We know that as exciting as the holidays can be, they’re stressful. I mean, how many more helpings of mashed pots and green bean casserole can you shove into your mouthhole without a relative asking “how’s that job hunt going?” We need a release, a small escape that doesn’t involve hastily scrolling through Facebook feeds under the table and desperately avoiding your creepy cousin at all costs. Here it is: a mix to meld into your mind and relieve you off noise and the congestion of uncles racing to the bathroom. Lined up in this one is ATU, Tycho, Real Estate, Alexi Murdoch, Jose Gonzales, and more artists who just want you to slow the eff down and take a chill pill.

My holiday travels have taken me to San Francisco, and I’m beyond excited to be back. I’m staying with family but visiting friends as well. They’re also North Carolina transplants to the west coast who left around the same time I flew to Seattle. We promised each other that we’d meet up again for Thanksgiving and see how we’re all doing (a.k.a., not bleeding on the side of the street with no money and no job. So far, so good). More photos from this adventure are to come. In the mean time, take a moment to enter the zen zone with this mix.

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