Miley Cyrus’ Surprise Album is Weird AF and I Like It


The VMA host/ all around proponent for wearing emojis as clothing dropped a new album with Wayne Coyne. Let’s listen.

If the announcement of Dead Petz was a surprise to you, than you probably don’t follow her Instagram. Between her naked star pics, her merry prankster arts and crafts projects and pets, she’s been in the studio with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne working on, well, probably this.

While Bangerz was a dancing with MDMA-fueled roller coaster out of her awkward pop phase and into Miley 2.0, this album dials it…forward? Back? Either way, this album has Wayne Coyne written all over it, which is probably why I listened past “Dooo It!”  On “Floyd (Sunrise)” you can hear Miley’s voice break as she struggles to sing about the death of her favorite pet. Initially I judged a book by its cover when I saw the song title “Something About Space Dude,” which could easily read as a stoner-friendly jam. But it’s a track where Miley sounds exhausted but optimistic that her time to chill and get herself out of the spotlight will arrive, whether sooner or later we don’t know.

It preludes a more pop-oriented Missing You song “Space Boots” opening up the scenes to a lonely neuroticism that most of us feel when we’re not with the one we love. True to form she’s open about her coping: “since you left I started drink/somehow now when I do drugs I start to overthink.” On “BB Talk” she opens up about being awkward, going from being homies to “having your tongue down my throat” and that horribly uncomfortable transition that never should’ve happened. Bonus: she translates what she’s really trying to say through emojis.


Mike WILL Made It appears on a few tracks with a funk-pop precision that makes you forget they collaborated on “23.” “Slab of Butter” features Sarah Barthel of Phantogram, a melting-over-you, turn the lights down but leave the red one on beat. Other songs like “Fweaky” and “Bang Me Box” suggest Miley’s having more fun than you in the bedroom by galaxies.

I’ve been in Miley’s camp for some time, mainly because I’m nostalgic for artists who are constantly under the spotlight but aren’t afraid to be goofy, even if that means its covering something deeper. OK, you move past the glitter, the blatantly funny mispellings of everything she writes down, and under that, she knows what she’s doing. She’s young, she’s maybe a little destructive, but at what other point are you gonna do it? Her album closes with “Twinkle Song,” where her singing becomes Singing. And of course, the track closes with both hands hitting the piano and Miley’s M.O. “fuck yeah.”




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