Mid Week Music Roundup: Michael Rault, Moon Duo, Caribou & More


Greetings, Internet! I hope the top trending hashtag #FoodieBandNames has kept you entertained this week (my attempts to be funny: Maccaroon 5 and The Head and the Heartichokes).  For tonight’s Caribou show I’ve compiled my list of Top 10 Caribou Songs on the Do206 blog, Latest. If you’re in Seattle or feel like making the trip want to have the most fun ever, you can still get tickets to the late show at Showbox Market.

Raucous and punky guitar rock abound, Michael Rault’s “Suckcess” is a rowdy good time of fuzzy guitars and “ooh/aahs” that will get everyone singing and dancing. Also check out the Beatles-esque rock magic cassingles that are “Nothing Means Nothing b/w Still Not Sad.”  As the label would say, “You Burger believe it’s a hit.” Burger Records will release Michael Rault’s Living Daylight on 5/5, but you can catch him at Vera Project 3/7 with Globelamp and preorder  the album now.

We’re all on an endless search for a great new techno pop song. Yes, all of us, and don’t tell me you’ll be that friend left behind because YOU didn’t dance when your friends wanted to. Take the duo Leisure Cruise, comprised of Dave Hodge (Broken Social Scene) and Leah Siegel. Their self-titled album was written to be the soundtrack to the spaceship that will carry all of us when the world is gone. It’s melancholic but fun, a danceable final hurrah for the galactic future. Leisure Cruise are currently touring with Stars throughout the U.S. in support of their self titled album, which you can stream here:

Portland-based Moon Duo released a new album, Shadow of the Sun, via Sacred Bones. If you’re into some excellently awkward dancing from the mustachioed pro-skateboarder Richie Jackson, check out the band’s video for “Animal.” The eerie keyboards layer perfectly with California garage rock n’ roll guitars. For a bit of rhythm n’ blues rock, check out their second single “Slow Down Low.” Shadow of the Sun is available now wherever fine records are sold, and – you know – digitally.

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