Mid September Mix

MidSeptemberMix copy 2

MidSeptemberMix copy 2

Try as I might to stifle my surf-rock listening habit in favor of some more appropriate autumn climes, I can’t seem to break up with summer yet. Or ever.  That’s something I have zero problems with, and maybe the cool chill of fall with a blinding dose of sunshine is just what we need mid-September. This week’s mix includes a few artists featured on runways during New York Fashion Week, such as New Found Land and Mensch. From Hardly Art Records, we have The Beets “Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes,” a disjointed jam of three chords, messy percussion and simple yet enjoyable surf punk. Jacuzzi Boys (my nominee for Best Band Name of the Year), are currently on tour with Wavves and King Tuff and will perform at Neptune Theater on October 19th.


The mix is on the long end of your average punk set, touching down at 40 minutes of easily digestible rock that’ll move your Saturday night to the next level of “shit, I’d better throw on some pants if I’m gonna go out.” I’m throwing on my trousers to catch Chastity Belt at the Cockpit tonight. Say you like Grass Widow but favor a more haunting vocalist? Just listen to the band’s most recent LP No Regerts for your fix. Wrapping it up is the incredibly lush and atmospheric”Into Black,” which has one of the catchiest guitar hooks from Blouse’s 2011 self-titled album.

If the mix doesn’t warm you up, than global warming must not exist under the rock you inhabit. Cheers to a fun weekend.

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