Mac DeMarco, The RealReal and 5 Ways to Make Your Week Better


Man, between all of the football updates on Facebook and the weekend double shifts, January is roaring by in a wave of shows, sports, and little time for socializing. On top of that, I’m joining a few dedicated friends in the Always After New Year’s Detox Month, complete with zero libations and a lot of free time past five ‘o’clock. What’s a twenty-something to do?! Drool listlessly whilst keeping up with said Kardashians? Nope, here’s a little list of things to check out in the next couple of days to make your week better. Believe me, when your punch cards collide, you’ve gotta have a few links to like:

1. Mac DeMarco has new songs! Trailing the “Best Of” lists wrapping up 2013 is the “Most Anticipated” albums of 2014. Topping my list is Mac DeMarco, who gave a witty, disarmed performance on New Year’s eve in Studio A at CKUA. He sips coffee, wah-wahs guitar solos, and performs the title track off his upcoming album “Salad Days.” It takes a look at the jaded bull-shittery that permeates our day-to-day efforts, such as ‘smiling when required,’ ‘acting like your life’s already over.’ Get some real relationship guidance from his final song, “Let Her Go.”

2. Target has everything I need for apartment shopping. Signing on for a 12-month lease is the ultimate mini marriage. The studio apartment in question may not be prince charming; there is laundry…in the basement. And there’s an elevator…from 1921 (holds up to three people at a time, no lies). But charming, it is. It has exactly what I want: hardwood floors and a door that locks. I’ll take it. And with my new real estate venture, Target is my design guru. I can get a new coffee maker for 29 bucks. Don’t sell me on that “gently used” nonsense – if it smells like stale coffee, it’s gonna taste like it. Beyond kitchen accoutrements, there’s decor galore and a host of storage options that a 490 sq/ft studio requires. So thanks, Target, you have filled my Pinterest with oodles of ideas.

3. If you’re also a Man Repeller, you’ve seen Leandra Medine’s post featuring the online consignment site that makes hours of eBay searching seem wasted. The site has consignment prices with a layout. Searching by designer is a cinch, but also by any random creative category, such as “A-List Afterparty,” “Color Lab: Navy and Gold” to simply, “Christian Louboutin and More.” It’s a treasure trove of gently worn items, and worth scoping out if you have an hour to kill.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.24.23 PM

4. Freaks and Geeks. It’s hilarious. I know everyone is on a Girls hype this week, but why not pull a Netflix and check out a whole new series that you can shamelessly indulge in one episode after another? This go around, it’s Freaks and Geeks. Just watching a high school hallway fill with students with NO CELLPHONES IN HAND is utterly fascinating to me. Soon to be all-star cast aside, the show is a benchmark for high school angst, dealing with bullies, and watching the guidance counselor sing Alice Cooper in order to reach teens. As I said, hilarious.


5. Moe 20 Neumos 10th Anniversary shows! Alright, so this one is strictly a personal win, but I’ve been working with publicity and marketing at Neumos to put on 8 fantastic shows to commemorate a collective 20 years in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Opening the weekly celebration was Telekinesis, followed by a sold out show by The Posies. Wrapping up the festivities are Hey Marseilles and The Thermals. If you’re in the Seattle area, check out the site for ticket info.

MOE_Screenprint Poster

And there we are, five things that will make your week (or at least, have made mine). Power through Monday!


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