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Keeping up with Life is not as fun as Keeping Up with the Kardashians – just kidding! Lately I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off over different projects, obligations work and personal, and the fact that I’ve not written enough over here because I’ve been writing for work. Fortunately, writing for work doesn’t feel like work, and I’ve included some links to what I’ve been up to below.

NadaMucho #41for2015 Preview | Do206


20 of Seattle’s most buzzworthy bands are taking over Substation for the next five days as part of’s #41for2015 Festival. Bands I’m looking forward to checking out: Beatrix Sky, Wes Speight, Goodbye Heart, Patrick Galactic, Screens, and Jamie Aaron Aux. Read more about each band here.

My Top Shows for The Week | Do206

kurt-vile-the-violators-rightternes  Rarely do I take one of the two days I bar back off for a show, but I can’t miss Kurt Vile on this tour supporting one of his best albums he’s ever written. He and the Violators will be at Showbox Market 10/17, and there are a million other great shows happening this week. Friday is going to kill me: Destroyer, Bully, The Young Evils, Death – I can’t choose.

Fresh Jams – New Local Music | Do206


See a pattern here? This is where I’ve been exhausting my writing capabilities this week. I’m enjoying the shit out of it, and Fresh Jams is an ongoing series on the site that introduces new music to the masses each week. This week, The Flavr Blue debut an electronic dance explosion of epic proportions in “Oxygen,” Say Hi, S, Midday Veil, and Telekinesis have new videos, and more more more.



That’s right – I’ve been co-hosting a podcast called How to Be a Better Drinker with my good friend and coworker, Matt James. If you’re friends with me on the Facebooks, you’ve seen me post Podcast Recording Essentials for the past few weeks teasing our project. Under the swift guidance of Keith, producer at the Soundcast Network, we’ve been rehearsing episodes for months and will hopefully have news of the launch soon. In the meantime, enjoy your booze without fun trivia, and then you’ll find out how much more funerer it is with facts!



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