Kut from the Kloth Jacket, Tuesday Tunes

Sometimes one is just not enough. Threads and a playlist?! Yes.

Kut From the Kloth-jacket-right-ternes-ray-ban-style

  What kind of shopper are you? Once a month or once a week, perhaps a window shopper or card charger? Window shopping is the name of my game. I’ll frequently walk through store after store and never buy anything – I’m very good at talking myself out of purchases. That’s why after a weekend working the service rounds for the Seahawks (SUPER BOWL BABY!), I called my friend and shopping aficionado, Natalia, for some R&R: relaxation and retail.

  First stop: Nordstrom Rack clearance. Picked up this Kut From the Kloth jacket for a mere $25, as well as The Feminine Palette by Urban Decay for $15. Since my attention to capturing detail in this photo is shameful, I’ll just tell you it’s a leopard print jacket. From a distance it looks like textured suede, which I am completely fine with considering it renders a more rock star off-duty quality to it. My smock/tunic thingy is a product of my studies in apparel design eons ago. To my surprise, it’s held up quite nicely and pairs well with everything from cropped jackets to long sweaters.

  The Ray Bans have come out of hibernation – rejoice! I’ve settled with being the girl who doesn’t own more than three pairs of sunglasses. I’ve tried, guys, but these are the best fit for me and I frankly need something  beyond black as a signature point of interest in my wardrobe. But switching out my black boots for Vans, I can do.

  The music: most of the songs are per recommendation by Blake, my music guru. I can thank him for my ongoing obsession with Surfer Blood, Gap Dream, and Panama. Jhene Aiko is an L.A.-based rapper who reminds me a little of Cassie, whom up to this point I’ve referred to as the what’s her face Diddy prodigy that never really got past “Me and U.” But Jhene Aiko is a thousand times more badass, and with a contract with Def Jam I doubt I’ll be forgetting her name soon. Also featured are songs by Solange Knowles (LOSING YOU – LISTEN TO IT), Jeremiah Jae, ATU, and an old school Pete Rock and CL Smooth remix.

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