What I’d Wear: New York Fashion Week




Since New York Fashion Week is upon us, it’s time to pretend that we’re actually gonna go this year, high-five Leandra Medine, and kick it with a little courtside inspiration.

Ah, the changing winds of summer to fall. The drop in evening temperatures and nationwide diaspora of white from our closets means it’s a perfect time to look at what we’ll be wearing…when it’s warm again. We can also buy our tickets for what is sure to be another Industry Insider v. Amateur boxing match for media coverage to follow up Suzy Menkes’ circus from last year. And in terms of a runway, the so aptly named “Concrete Catwalk” has triumphed over any collection these past few seasons. With that, I’m going to lazily throw together what can only be described as Kenzo meets Courtside.


I pondered the hat v. no hat situation pretty thoroughly, and went for a yes in order to coin this look as Day 4. Maybe the after party went too long or you woke up late, but chances are if I was at NYFW, I wouldn’t have the chance to wash my fab follicles every day. A beanie is the perfect excuse to grease it up when the dry shampoo is in your OTHER Celine tote. The trend that most people refer to as street style or tomboy chic I prefer to call “Smells Like Teen Spirit Extra Finally Takes a Bath.” It’s grungy and tomboyish, but with a little polish. And just like the silk pajama trend, any excuse to wear something comfortable like a sweatshirt, sign me up immediately.


Storytime: I was at a party and a girl shows up wearing a vintage Star Wars t-shirt. Guy starts asking her about it and she goes “I don’t really like Star Wars, I just bought it for the picture. It’s like, whatever.”

First of all, no. Second, we’re not going to start on Star Wars because we know how amazing it is. for a zillion different reasons. The point is, like Harvard t-shirts, some people actually went to Harvard and some just visited the campus. The reasons people wear a brand doesn’t matter much until you ask someone about it. This sweatshirt is one that’s screen printed with nostalgia. I grew up going to Charlotte Hornets games and when the team was bought and relocated, the memorabilia became a commodity overnight. Thus ensued an underground movement amongst fans and locals to “Bring Back the Buzz.” And it has been brought. Not only do I want to see the reintroduction of one of the worst color combinations in all athletics, but I want to see more cheerleader hair inspiration like this from the Honeybees ca. 2000:



Keeping with sports, we had to do it. Nike has been welcomed back into the fashion fold with toes and heels eager to get away from sky-high stilettos. Throw it with a pair of funky socks in the event that you’re suddenly caught in a 5k crossfire and you don’t want to actually look like a runner.

You may have noticed a new photo location – my humble studio in Seattle! I just wrapped up a 3-day fiesta at Bumbershoot where I saw some bucket list bands and artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Death Cab for Cutie and Trampled by Turtles. I don’t have a tome of media coverage from this weekend simply because I was enjoying myself like you all were this weekend!

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