Hounds-Tooth Coat


You don’t need me to tell you that inspiration can strike you at a moment’s notice. It happened to me while perusing Le-21eme, a photo-journalism site that clearly states “this is not a street style blog.” Regardless of such declarations, the subject matter of the site  predominantly captures notable fashion pros, close-ups of intricate brocade beaded- skirts and voluminous coats draped over a languid models off duty. Today, this photo served as the inspiration for pulling on a coat that’s been in my closet for some time and needed a little revival:


And the result:


  It’s houndstooth-ish. The digitization and size make it a non literal translation of a traditional print. Even in the photo from Le-21eme, hounds-tooth appears most often on a structured, tailored silhouette. Because of how graphic the print is, it makes sense to emphasize it on a linear surface.

  The coat is a hand me down from my mom, who’s style is a hopelessly cool hybrid of Kate Spade cocktail party and casual J.Crew. I’m trying green again, starting slowly with these Zara pants. Eventually I’ll get over my fear of wearing green with my brown hair (call it a style tree phobia, or something). Someone needs to start a group therapy session for those of us afraid of wearing clashing colors.

  Usually when I have no idea what to wear, I hit a few sites to jog my styling legs into motion. Le-21eme is a first choice, then lookbook.nu. I’d love to know where you go to find your style inspiration. So don’t be shy – share!

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