Grimes, Fox and the Law, and More for Your Week


Wonder why that song “My Humps” has been stuck in your head all day? Because it’s Wednesday ya nut! It’s the day where we pretend there aren’t two days between now and the weekend and pay homage to our #wcw. It’s also the day where I find myself sitting in Caffe Vita, thinking about important life things such as life advice, beer, and music. So why not hash all this out?

1. Grimes like to jump rope and give great advice – via

My #WCW is Grimes, who gave some winning life advice in a NYLON interview. Bias alert – Grimes is a fantastically talented musician and if you have the testicular fortitude to create a line of genitalia jewelry and wear Rodarte on the reg, you’re in my good graces. She praises jumping rope as the best workout ever and asserts your capability to be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. Now I can fulfill my dream of being a football playing king in space!


2. Beer is good – 10 Essential Pale Ales – via


Here’s the thing – you may have your favorite beer in mind. You know what you like and don’t give a shit about accolades, ratings, or any fancy brew that was soaked in a vessel of chocolate donuts and poured from the hands of a hop shaman. But I don’t understand why people get frustrated with all the options. It’s not like you only want one book, one TV show, or one movie to revisit over and over again forever. You know how it makes you sound – OLD! DON’T BE OLD! Check out Paste’s list to broaden your beer horizons, ya crotchety bastard.

3.  You can stream Fox and the Law “Stoned to Death” now on Brooklyn Vegan.

Seattle rock band Fox and the Law just wrapped up their first U.K tour and have their new album “Stoned to Death” available for streaming and incessant listening on Brooklyn Vegan right now. It’s in your face rock n’ roll that’s ready to party. You’re invited, but only if you can sling brown liquor and have a penchant for debauchery.





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