Friday Five: Beyonce, Forever 21, Barbie & More


Hold onto your snow boots, Buffalo, it’s Friday! Yes, you still have to go to work today (womp), but at least you have some interesting nuggets of knowledge to pass around the water cooler. Immigration reform? Sure, but we’re thinking more random than that. Take a look at what’s hot on the internets right here and now:


 1. Beyonce released a couple of OK-ish new tracks.

I know you were expecting me to weep hot tears of joy onto my keyboard knowing that Knowles has gifted the earth with more Song. In a battle between the two, “7/11” wins for it’s very Jay-Z way Bey’s thug is justified. I was hoping for a ball-busting power anthem from “Ring Off,” but dare I say it felt a little…off.  But that’s the bonus track curse. Were they ingredients left out of the album recipe because they didn’t really spice it up or are they like dessert? Will this mediocre food metaphor continue? Yes. And yes, I am saying that these tracks are not #Flawless, but they’re good, you know, in the way that Beyonce contractually HAS to be good. Her music is like pizza – good or OK, hot or cold, it’s still pizza and you’re still gonna eat it.



2. Forever 21 Stores Are Too F*cking Big

Forever 21 on a Saturday fits very well into Dante’s seventh circle. Way too crowded, loud, noisy (I just turned 90 in this post – dang kids and their music!) and if you’re looking for one thing, good luck. That being said, I enjoy shopping there to entertain the very temporary highlights of the season, like dip-dyed fur vests and cotton candy platform Doc Marten knockoffs. But according to this article via The Wall Street Journal, retailers are struggling to fill the giant stores with merchandise. Read on for more fast fashion retail geekery.


3. How to Dress Like Barbie IRL Courtesy of Nylon

You all may remember my minor fashion meltdown over the hot pink epicness of Jeremy Scott’s Moschino collection that basically had a zillion Barbies on the runway. The gallery features the finest Barbie-inspired collections from Wildfox, Forever 21, and Mocshino. Blame the cold weather or the amount of black in my wardrobe, but this gallery was the exact remedy to my winter blues. Welcome to the Dreamhouse.

4. 26 Essential Songs from the NYC Rock Resurgence

garage_rock_resurgence608-608x450Image courtesy of Stereogum

  Lists are tough – they’re the “you can’t sit with us” of the Internet. But man do they narrow down a bunch of content into one readable, listable format. This one via Stereogum counts the 26 songs that embody a “resurgence” of rock n’ roll tradition. Basically, bringing rock back to the gritty, beer-slingin’ guitar rockin’ excellence that it was. It includes tracks from The Strokes, The Walkmen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol and more.


5. These Ladies Smoke Weed For the First Time, Hilarity Ensues

Just watch.

Just watch.



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