The French Connection: Is It a Cape or a Poncho?


Answer: Concho.


We’ve all walked through a store, boutique, pop-up, enclave of clothing, etc. and came across what can only be described as a piece of cloth draped over a hanger. It’s exactly what happened while walking through French Connection a couple years ago and this greige-wool number peeked between the body-con dresses and FCUK shirts. My mom convinced me to throw it on, as she is the arbiter of all things “it looks weird on the rack but great on the body.” So I went for it, and now it is part of the winter uniform. It may not be the most practical winter item, but it mimics wearing a blanket in public. And it does create a shape. There are four clever little belt loops in the front and back that permits some sort of waistline so as not to resemble an amorphous blob.


Hooray! Now go do your superhero duties in your concho.

Concho: French Connection (old) // Scarf: Madewell // Flats: DV Dolce Vita //Bag: Betsey Johnson // Pants: Joe’s Jeans

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