Finding the Perfect Work Bag


One thing’s for sure, it’s gotta hold everything.


   This past weekend I flew to Chicago to work with Ladykiller at C2E2 a.k.a. Chicago Comicon. After working my first Con with the biggest-but-still-too small bag in my closet, I figured it was time to find something that could carry more than an iPad.  Beyond my personal inability to buy a good bag, I know a lot of you are graduating and are working your way through the job that is finding a job. And to complement your post-grad dreams of finding a job and being the HBIC of your own life, a professional work bag looks the part in interviews. It doesn’t have to break the bank, either. One hard left turn at Nordstrom Rack and I found this Steve Madden number for $60. To find the one that works for you, I’ve compiled a simple list to consider whilst looking:

1. Get a good handle on it. You’re not strapping in for a hike up Everest, but you also can’t feasibly get by on one big handle. The ideal bag should allow you to carry from your shoulder, arm, and hand.

2. Pockets. Because I like minimal lately, I don’t want a big ol’ kangaroo pouch on the outside of my bag. But you might, and this purse papoose will keep you organized. This one has a large zipper pocket to split the bag in half. That way my laptop and folders can stay clear of my half eaten Nature Valley Fucking Crumbs Everywhere bar. Smaller pockets are ideal for business cards and any makeup you keep on hand for touch ups.

3. Strong and structured. Do NOT let me see you walking to an interview with resumes limping helplessly out of your bag. That high-quality glossy paper wasn’t cheap, damn it! Between what it has to hold and how often you’ll use it, a work bag can’t be poorly made. Take a close look at the way the handles are stitched to the body. Is that going to withstand the weight of a laptop, granola bar, charger, phone, lunch, sunnies, pens, post-lunch snack, planner, and papers? Check up on it.


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