Fashion Musings | January 2015






Miu Miu takes a deliberately draws from nature’s drawing board, as many designers have for their resort and Spring/Summer collections. Was Thoreau’s Walden on every creative director’s summer reading list?  Dries Van Noten walked us through a moss garden of bohemian, etherial, kaleidoscopic coats and embroidered, beaded whimsy and Miu Miu looks to the elements.



Angie in Elle Magazine, June 2014. Let’s all dress fancy and smile more, right?


Doodles get fancy at Saint Laurent.




Ad campaigns from Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, and Celine. The age pendulum is swinging away from youthful waifs and gearing towards women who aren’t also featured in Nasty Gal and probably don’t shop at H&M. Juergen Teller is having a moment beyond the nearly 10 years he spent shooting with Marc Jacobs. Photographing author Joan Didion and ballet dancer Marie-Agnes Gillot for Celine has generated quite a buzz in the fashion and feminism circuits. Beyond the social implications of the campaign, those are some damn good photos and you can’t look anything but badass in those Celine shades .

Dolce and Gabbana have always been about family. They’re no strangers to featuring ads with full family reunions, mothers and children at a picnic on the Italian coast, and you know, eating loads of pasta in 10K lace gowns. My grandmother has hit a vibrant 90 years old, and I picture her smiling and laughing with these women, gossiping about the granddaughter’s new boyfriend she brought to dinner and the weather.

Then Julia. And that orange cone. IT’S ART.

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