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Finding the right jewelry is a tough task. Not only do you have to weed through the breakable and cheap rows of costume jewelry at fast-fashion retailers, you don’t want to dump out a bucket of money on a couple studs. And quality materials? In the words of Rev. Run, it’s tri-tri-tri-tri-tri-kay. When the search is over, rejoice! You have Lewis and Clarked your way to a boss pair of earrings or a big-ass necklace that you’ll wear until it breaks. Today we found Elgie by Laura Guidry, a designer that incorporates materials such as brass, dyed jasper, and matte onyx.

At the top of my checklist for jewelry is the weight of the piece. I actually like a little gravitational pull with my geode statement necklaces and it makes the piece feel more expensive. While that may sound a little ridiculous, I can assure you that a heavier necklace won’t swing freely and get caught in anything. Elgie necklaces have that perfect weight because of the geodes and big beads used in the pieces. There’s a cool downtown girl energy from Elgie designs. She’s got a clear idea in her head of what she wants and would rather spend a little more cash on a quality piece rather than spending time untangling chains at Forever21.

Elgie jewelry is versatile and works with an outfit rather than distracts from your whole look. Guidry particularly knocks it out with her wedding designs. She takes a little vintage inspiration with long strands of pearls that sweep beneath delicate gold chains and clear-cut beads. Customizing a piece with pearls or beads that the client already has is her specialty.

The best part? Many of her pieces are $50 or less. Eight bucks will get you a pair of yellow African wedding bead studs and thirty will get you a matte onyx necklace. I have matte onyx earrings that I’ve worn a million and a half times and they have stayed in excellent shape. You can buy Elgie pieces at Aqua Fedora in Wilmington, N.C. Prefer your laptop? Check out her Etsy or

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