Consider the Swoat with Marc by Marc Jacobs



┬áSelecting outerwear when the weather isn’t so clear is either a perfectly easy decision or one that if not carefully selected could result in disaster (i.e. freezing your ass off). You think you’ve got it all figured out with your all-weather, waterproof shelled, hooded go-to that you wear every day. But when the sun is kind of out, the wind is hitting 0 mph, and you’re feeling frisky, consider the swoat.

The official Oxford definition of “swoat” is a hybrid garment with the characteristics of a sweater and a coat. See also: wearing the closet thing to a chic blanket in public without looking like the homeless guy sitting outside Dan’s Market. A swoat is generally made out of a pliable, natural fabric such as this wool Marc by Marc Jacobs choice I picked up during one of Nordstrom‘s many excellent sales. It’s become one of those pieces in my closet that the boyfriend has begun that passive aggressive mom commenting like “you’re wearing that coat thing again…”. His words, dutifully ignored with a sweeping eye roll and a stubborn “um, yeah I am and I’m posting it on Instagram” only confirm what I already know: I love this damn swoat and I will wear it for the rest of the winter season, retire it in summer, and break it out as soon as there’s a chill in the air.

Today’s activities included shopping for wedding and thank you cards and Christmas shopping, so I needed something to keep my hands free for browsing Pike Place Market without knocking over everything and every small child in my path. This Ladies of Paradise crossbody bag is my first foray into fringe and I couldn’t be more into it. Ladies of Paradise is the passion project of Jade Daniels, who spent her childhood surrounded by the rich colors and cultures of Panama and Puerto Rico. This inspired her treasure trove of handmade fringe pieces that act as the standout in a simple ensemble or the perfect pairing with your festival look. This Suzy Crossbody in black is sold out but there are a zillion goodies to choose from for you or a last-minute Christmas gift.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Talula Sweater Coat / Hat: Marshalls / Jeans: J. Crew / Boots: Sam Edelman /Suzy Crossbody Bag: Ladies of Paradise


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