Travels: Columbia River Gorge, Deep Lake


Sure I saw a couple of shows out there, but nothing beats the majesty of a big-ass, gorgeous river to back your band.

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Travels: San Francisco, Yosemite California


There’s too much to see in California, so bf and I went from the city to the valley in a 5-day stretch.

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Astoria, Oregon


Getting the chance to take a Daycation is something that when the planets and stars align for it to happen, you have to act quickly. We decided on Astoria, Oregon mainly because I have been in Seattle for two years… Continue Reading

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Travels: Weekend Trip to California


Whenever you visit family, you go to your spot. Whether it’s the worn-in Lay-Z-Boy recliner residing in patriarchal grandeur over the entertainment system or the comfiest couch for you to take the post-travel nap, it’s the first place you think… Continue Reading

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Travels: California


My Thanksgiving took me away from the spitting mist of Seattle and into the sunny, delightful arms of California. And it wasn’t the Southern California Duuudee braahh Kardashians ThanKsgiving, but rather the gorgeous, peaceful Bay Area. Part of my trip… Continue Reading

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Mixtape: Wild Nothing, Minor Alps, Best Coast, and More


Hashtag every noun, verb, adverb, conjunction and exclamation that Twitter can handle (puns, lolz), because we’re getting down with the season. My poorly-circulating hands couldn’t take it anymore and I had to scrape up some cash to buy a new… Continue Reading

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Travels: Port Townsend, WA


What did I do this weekend? I went to a wooden boat festival, obviously. You’re probably asking “boats, Meg? Really?” Yes, really. Here’s a fun fact: my sister and I helped my dad build a boat when we were in… Continue Reading

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Relocated: Seattle


Oh, c’mon. You knew I was gonna be all touristy and whatnot on my first day ever in Seattle! I’ve relocated for a few months while I intern at Sub Pop. With lack of sleep and a better turn of… Continue Reading

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Travels: Charleston, SC


  Charleston, SC is one of my favorite southern cities to visit. Here are a couple of shots from the trip I took back in August.

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RT: Places // Boone


  Flower wall from Lucky Penny’s Garden Party fashion show// Lucky Penny Spring 2013 Outdoor seating // Espresso News // July 2013 Linville Falls // Winter 2013   Hebron, Boone Fork Trail // Blue Ridge Parkway // Summer 2013

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