This Week’s Video: Todd Terje “Inspector Norse”


It’s album time with Todd Terje and his new album called ‘It’s Album Time.’ Confused? Stoked? So are we. Warning: if you have any aversion to dancing your ass off, looking so hyper cool that you’re almost acting a fool,… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Future Islands “Seasons (Waiting on You)”


Future Islands take a beautifully-filmed look at a simple way of life in their new video for “Season (Waiting for You).” I’ve seen Future Islands twice. Once at Cat’s Cradle in Carborro, North Carolina and then a second time at… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Real Estate “Talking Backwards”


Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Why? Because it’s release day! Albums drop, charts are released, and tours are announced. It’s a weekly birthday where we welcome all the newborn little music bubs into the zeitgeist. This week,… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Beyonce “Drunk in Love”


Remember that time you tried to dance all cute when you were a little schwasty face? Yep, Beyonce just did that better.   Beyonce will never not be on my radar, as I am a. a human being with internet… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: La Luz


Director Carlos Lopez injects La Luz’ video with knife-weilding, organ-playing demons and a host of creepy nightmares in this video for La Luz “Big Big Blood.”

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This Week’s Video: Ty Segall “The Man Man”


Ty Segall is about as prolific as you can get in music. There’s no slowing down the projects, the multiple LPs, and tours. Now you can add a video for “The Man Man” from Segall’s LP Sleeper. The video features… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Dum Dum Girls “Lost Boys and Girls Club”


  Two things. One: Happy Halloween a.k.a. the day to end an amazing month of cable TV horror movie excellence, thinking about your costume all month and scrambling a sexy Courtney Love ca. Hole with whatever torn, tattered and stained… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: AlunaGeorge “Best Be Believing”


The Vagrant Record’s signees AlunaGeorge have taken over my Spotify with the futuristic synth sounds of their album ‘Body Music.’ In the video for “Best Be Believin’ they have taken over a dance rehabilitation center. Before we go into this… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Drake “Hold On We’re Going Home”


Tuesday is always an exciting day in the entertainment industry. It’s when albums get released, photos Isabel Marant for H&M has leaked, and I got a shellac that keeps changing colors (it’s a mood ring red and I CAN’T EXPLAIN… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Arcade Fire “Reflektor”

image via Merge Records

If every getaway car had Arcade Fire in the back, it wouldn’t seem so scary. Throw in a little french from Regine Chassagne and a good beat and hey, it’s a party. Arcade Fire have plenty to celebrate in the… Continue Reading

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