What’s Your Summer Breakup Song?


If summer’s the season of love, damn it’s a heatwave. We could blame it on the tans, tanks, the high-waisted shorts or the sun drunk feeling you get before 10:30 am. But I’d rather place blame on the after school… Continue Reading

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Mixtape: Holiday Sanity


  We know that as exciting as the holidays can be, they’re stressful. I mean, how many more helpings of mashed pots and green bean casserole can you shove into your mouthhole without a relative asking “how’s that job hunt… Continue Reading

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Cults Live @ Neumos 11/17


  Get ready for more live show postings, as I have recently been offered a position in marketing at Neumos. To sum up my excitement, it’s like a Beyonce X Beyonce mashup on a sunny summer afternoon. In other words,… Continue Reading

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Luxe Sweaters and How to Wear Them


Or as I like to call it, “Cosby Couture” ┬áThere’s no way around it: fashion has become luxe and lazy. Luxy. The crossbreeding of post-workout and pre-fall has become a more and more permanent fixture on the way fashion can… Continue Reading

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This Week’s Video: Dum Dum Girls “Lost Boys and Girls Club”


  Two things. One: Happy Halloween a.k.a. the day to end an amazing month of cable TV horror movie excellence, thinking about your costume all month and scrambling a sexy Courtney Love ca. Hole with whatever torn, tattered and stained… Continue Reading

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Coming Soon

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It’s happening

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The First Ternes


If your house/apartment/storage unit looks anything like mine, it’s full of boxes, a lot of trash, and some donation piles. Why? It’s moving time, and therefore the perfect time to start anew in all aspects of life, especially the creative… Continue Reading

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