Button Downs and Denim: One Look, Two Ways


Erin and I are going to show you that the world of shirts is full of endless, fashionable horizons with button downs and denim. Hooray!


  Sometimes, you show up to class wearing the same outfit as your worst enemy. But other times, your going on a breakfast date with your best friend and your style synergy is making waves across town and across closets. Such is the case with Erin and I, on a day like no other hanging out and trying clothes on at Lucky Penny. And I walked in wearing the same thing, but with a different persona in the colors and textures. Simple enough? Maybe you need a GIF to illustrate our excitement:


On Erin: white pants, a garment I’m terrified to try for the huge increase in likelihood that I will spill coffee all over them or sit on a cigarette butt. But she’s got it with a lightweight chambray shirt and a LP top that’s beaded, but not in the “I’m Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella and my macrame reserves have finally reached their maximum capacity” kind of way. Her look is more summertime and for the sake of comparative analysis, we’ll call this the Daytime Shirt Look.

On moi: my dad’s Orinda troop 57 boy scout shirt from the 1970’s. The original olive green color should have never been abandoned in favor of park ranger khaki, IMO, but the patches were all sewn on by my grandmother and it’s held up very well. Seven for All Mankind pants in a material that feels like leggings but looks like jeans (I’m cheating on “real” pants, not sorry). I’m going a little darker for a bit of a moodier tone, one that pairs well with a leather jacket and, dare I say, a PBR?

We’re gonna dance away in our billowing shirts and not give any effs this Saturday. Dance, weekend, dance! And if your weekend is lacking in social media activities, you can follow Right Ternes on Bloglovin.

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