Back From Summer Vacation


What did you do with these last couple months? A surfing class, take a long trip on the west coast? Maybe you worked all the live-long day and made a lot of money and immediately spent it on fun things that you could manage to do while still working 7 days a week (slowly raises hand from laptop…).

I didn’t do a lot of “summer vacation” reports when I was in school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the wheel was invented my senior year. But I gather that you’re supposed to learn something, and I learned this summer that whatever free time you do have is best spent doing something productive or wasting time like crazy. It’s a great anti-productive way of getting my brain back on track for the cold months where doing office work sounds way better than being outdoors.

To kick things off: let’s listen to some tunes! Eff yeah! Many thanks to my friend and all-around-good-music-suggester Blake for sending this my way: Angel Olsen’s mix for Dazed Digital. Including sounds steeped in the rich sounds of layered acoustic guitars, sweeping vocals, and honest to goodness heart and soul, Olsen’s mix warms up the last days of summer that make us nostalgic for all the cool shit we did. Her Soundcloud description sums it up pretty well:

“Today when I was skating in circles at the roller rink in Portland, Oregon while all the American bands played the first day at Pickathon festival”

Today is also Beyonce’s B-day. I could write a whole damn novel about it, so we’ll just leave a link to her Tumblr here:


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