Album of the Day: Lower Dens ‘Escape From Evil’


Lower Dens‘ neon-lit glamour makes for an excellent homage to the ’80s. Escape from Evil dances through pleasurable pop synthesizers that balance fragile emotions with a powerful sense of self. Lower Dens’ lead songwriter Jana Hunter marks each track with the back and forth of sexuality, an intimate thematic element of the album. Escape From Evil pulls from the past to inspire a future world where you’re never judged for who you are. It’s a melodic power pop reminder that it’s still a work in progress religious freedom laws and discrimination being the obvious bumps in the road.

The video for “To Die in L.A.” grapples with your past self and trying to improve the present for the sake of the future. Holding the Oscar statue while graciously thanking an audience of garbage and empty back alleys, the video’s character tries to break from her inner demons to find happiness. It’s a relatable feeling on many scales, and one that can permeate even the most confident conscious.

Other feature tracks on Escape From Evil include “Ondine” a heart-wrenching outpouring of support for someone who’s downtrodden, with the repeated lyrics “I will treat you better” reaching out like a helping hand. It’s dark subject matter immersed in twinkling ’80s pop, the perfect makings of a somber dance party. Maybe you’re having a “Fuck It” day, or a week for that matter. Lower Dens will get you moving through it. If you need to hear it straight from the source, Jana Hunter did an AMA that brought out more of Hunter’s compassion.

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