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Who Am I?  Introductions are so much fun! Let’s try one out right here: my name is Megan, and I am a Seattle-based writer of all things music and style. I have over six years experience of working in music, from show promotions to publicity to internships at Merge Records in Durham, NC and Sub Pop and Neumos in Seattle. I’ve ran cases of beer backstage, helped with load-out, held a boom to record shows in coffee shops and met some of the most wonderful, genuine, incredibly talented people along the way. I was raised in North Carolina and studied Public Relations and Apparel Design and Merchandising at Appalachian State University.
  What’s a Right Ternes? Nothing makes me happier than sharing music with others, and Right Ternes aims to do just that: steer people in the direction of some excellent new music, take detours to favorite releases old and new, and fill your tank with bands you might not know about but always knew you needed. How great was that driving metaphor? (pats self on the back). On the style side, I enjoy thoughtful commentary on how fashion shapes the way we think, how it makes us feel, and the ways in which we consciously or unconsciously apply it to our every day lives.  I also like to share my personal style and show the world that it doesn’t rain every day in Seattle but when it does, it’s not all rain boots and umbrellas.
  What Do I Do? I’m a content coordinator at Do206 I’m a volunteer at KEXP, smiling like a warm, loving granny at the front desk on Wednesdays and the occasional Fridays.  I also sling coffee and cocktails, so whatever time of day it is, I can help you find the perfect beverage.
  Speaking of beverages, current favorites? Double Americano, no room. Fernet and Ramazzotti on the rocks.

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